December 14, 2015

Monday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Update: Sunday evening the House Rules Committee amended both the Senate-passed Administrative Code-- House Bill 941 (Regan-R-Cumberland)-- and Welfare Code-- House Bill 1322 (Kaufer-R-Luzerne)-- bills and reported them to the full House.
The Administrative Code bill was amended to remove language related to ride-sharing, added a section to study the regulation of fantasy sports and made other changes.
The Welfare Code bill was amended to add fraud prevention and recovery provisions and changed the name of the Welfare Code to the Human Service Code.
The Committee also adopted a House rule change to temporarily waive the 15 day calendar requirement to consider the General Appropriations bill.
Revised Legislative Schedule: Senate is now on a 6-hour call until further notice.  House scheduled to be in session Dec. 13, 14, 15, 16.
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