December 19, 2015

House Rules Committee Moves Tax Code Bill

(Dec. 19, 12:00 p.m.) -- The House Rules Committee reported the Tax Code bill-- House Bill 1198 (Dunbar-R- Westmoreland) from Committee without changes, but did not take up any other bills.  The Fiscal Code bill-- House Bill 1327; the Liquor privatization bill- House Bill 1690; and the Education Code changes-- House Bill 530; are all in the House Rules Committee.

(Dec. 19, 12:10 p.m.) -- Rep. Bill Adolph (R-Delaware), Majority Chair House Appropriations Committee, told PA Legislative Services: "I don't think anyone really knows what the tax package is going to be."

AP: Vote Looming, Tax Hike Details Fuzzy, May Not Happen Saturday