June 29, 2014

Senate Republicans Move $29 Billion Budget Out Of Appropriations Committee

On Sunday evening, Senate Republicans amended House Bill 2328 (Adolph-R-Delaware) to create a $29 billion General Fund budget without any new taxes.  This compares to the House-passed $29.1 billion budget sand last year’s $28.5 billion budget.
There are still many details lacking, particular amendments to the Fiscal Code which will include language related to any budget deals to adopt unrelated programs and information on which state tax credit programs will be suspended.
There has been no agreement on general pension reform or liquor privatization, Gov. Corbett’s key priorities.
The Senate is expected to have a floor debate on the budget bill on Monday. Midnight June 30 is the deadline to have the state budget in place.
Here’s a thumbnail of what is known now--
-- Horse Racing Fund transfer of $17.6 million, same as last year
-- Community Colleges - $215,667,000, $3.5 million increase
-- Transfer to Community College Capital Fund - $48,869,000, no change
-- Regional Community College Capital Fund - $2.4 million
-- State Related Universities - Flat funding, except slight increase for PA College Of Technology
-- State System of Higher Education - Flat funding
-- PHEAA Scholarships - $5 million increase
Environmental Protection
-- DEP Operations - $12.4 million increase
-- Sewage Facilities Planning Grants - $500,000 increase
-- Delaware River Basin Commission - $500,000 cut
Conservation & Natural Resources
-- Heritage Parks Program - $2.75 million, up from $2.25 million last year
Funding Sources:
-- Non-Impact Drilling On DCNR Land - $95 million
-- Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Fund - $6.2 million
-- NO transfer from Keystone Fund or Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund
Attorney General - $5 million increase
State Treasurer - $3.8 million increase
Auditor General - Flat funding
Judiciary - Flat funding
House - $1.9 million increase
Senate - $950,000 increase
Click Here for a copy of the line item spreadsheet.  Click Here for the budget balance and transfers sheet.
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