June 9, 2014

Senate GOP Liquor Proposal May Extend State Store Hours, Make Beer, Wine More Available

The Patriot-News reported this morning the Senate Republicans may propose an amendment to House Bill 790 (Turzai-R-Allegheny), the House GOP liquor privatization plan, will extend state store hours and make beer and wine available through other outlets.
The bill is expected to be considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee off the floor today.  Among other reforms include--
-- Extending state store hours to Sundays and certain holidays;
-- Making up to 3 six-packs of beer available at grocery stores, restaurants and bars; and
-- Allow beer distributors to make wine available as well as single 20-ounce bottles of beer and six-packs.
           A summary of the possible amendment is available online.
NewsClip: Latest Liquor Plan Allows Sunday, Holiday Hours For State Stores