June 4, 2014

Rep. Adolph: House Expects To Consider Budget Bill Week Of June 16

Rep. Bill Adolph (R-Delaware), Majority Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, told the House Tuesday he expects a bill serving as a vehicle for the state budget will be in place the week of June 9 with an expectation of the House actually considering the bill the week of June 16.
Rep. Adolph said he and Senate Majority Appropriations Chair Jake Corman (R-Centre) are “arm wrestling” over who will introduce the budget vehicle.  The loser gets to introduce the first bill.
Last year, with a somewhat smaller budget hole, the House passed its first General Fund budget bill June 12 and took final action on June 30, with the follow-on budget implementing bills coming much later.
In 2012, the Senate was the first to pass a budget bill on May 9 and the House passed the final version on June 28, with the implementing bills.