June 20, 2014

Patriot-News: Budget Secretary Warns New Taxes May Be Required To Balance Budget

Expanding on Gov. Corbett’s budget statements this week, the Patriot-News reported Friday Budget Secretary Charles Zogby said Gov. Corbett is committed to fighting for targeted spending increases and is conditionally open to some higher taxes to pay for them, but he will accept them only with significant reform in Pennsylvania’s public pension systems.
Those spending increases include: $306 million in new funding for basic education programs, about $30 million to expand home and community based services for adults with intellectual disabilities and $25 million toward college scholarships.
Even with pending cuts, Secretary Zogby said he does not see an immediate concern about state worker furloughs or shutdowns of government services.
Secretary Zogby said the Governor is will to trade an on-time budget for a budget that reflects his priorities, but “I don’t know that this really needs to linger that deep into July,” he said.
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Secretary Zogby will appear at the Pennsylvania Press Club on Monday to talk about budget issues.
NewsClips: Budget Secretary Warns New Taxes May Be Required For Budget