January 11, 2017

Republican Sen. Wagner Opens His Campaign For Governor

York businessman and state Senator Scott Wagner Wednesday announced he is running for the Republican nomination for Governor to oppose Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf who he called a “failed governor.”
Wagner said he was running for Governor because he was--
-- Tired of being an ATM for politicians that did nothing;
-- Because small businesses are being choked with regulations;
-- Tired of being treated like a criminal by government; and
-- People are not being protected by out-of-control government.
He made the announcement at his PennWaste facility whose history he used as an introduction to his campaign for Governor.
Wagner pledged to do everything he can to-
-- Change the status quo;
-- Jumpstart Pennsylvania’s economy;
-- Solve the pension crisis; and
-- Lower or eliminate school taxes.
Click Here to watch a video of his announcement from the York Daily Record.)
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