January 17, 2017

New State Treasurer Joe Torsella Calls For Accountability, Transparency, Innovation

State Treasurer Joe Torsella Tuesday called for a commitment to government that is accountable, transparent and uses technology and innovation to financially empower all Pennsylvanians after taking the oath of office at Camp Curtin Academy, a public middle school in Harrisburg.
Torsella swore the oath on a Bible that belonged to Pennsylvania Founder, William Penn, stressing that the Commonwealth will have a Treasurer who is not just honest and accountable, but who also helps more working Pennsylvanians save for retirement,  more families save for college and who uses our common resources to build our common future.
Speaking to students on the founding of the Commonwealth, Torsella said:
“Penn called it a ‘holy experiment’ in self-government. And what makes that experiment work is trust. Trust in each other, and, especially, trust in the leaders we choose to make decisions on our behalf. If we want to leave the next generation with a state government worthy of William Penn’s vision, it starts with rebuilding the sacred trust that has been broken far too often in recent years.
“Elected officials should be more accountable than anyone. So, as my first act as Treasurer, I’m calling for a new standard of accountability. Let’s use the power of technology to open up our state’s finances so that everyone can see how our money is being spent – and so that wrongdoing has nowhere to hide. Let’s put more watchdogs on the beat so we can be sure that those of us who take these oaths in public live by them in private, starting with me. And let’s make the office of Treasurer known for the very highest standards of integrity.”
Torsella’s wife, Carolyn Short Torsella, read a letter from former President George Herbert Walker Bush to the students. In it, Bush encouraged students to make a difference in their communities and country, explaining that party affiliation should not stand in the way of progress: “I hope it does not surprise you that I am such a big fan of Joe’s, despite the fact he is a Democrat, and I am a Republican. Some people seem to think these days that you can’t get along with each other, much less respect and like each other, if you don’t belong to the same party. Not true. Not true at all. I admire Joe because he has devoted his life to public service, and has served with great honor and distinction. He loves his state, and he loves his country. He makes decisions based on what is best for all of us, not for him or his party.”
Click Here for a copy of Torsella’s written remarks.
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