January 26, 2017

PUC Approves Uber/Raiser-PA Operating Permit, First In PA

The Public Utility Commission Thursday approved an application submitted by Rasier-PA, LLC, a wholly-owned affiliate of Uber Technologies, Inc., to operate as a Transportation Network Company– the first TNC license to be issued in Pennsylvania.
The Commission voted 5-0 to grant Rasier-PA/Uber a license to transport persons via TNC services in Pennsylvania.
The Commission oversees transportation services operating throughout Pennsylvania – including taxis, limousines and TNCs – with the exception of Philadelphia, where those activities are regulated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
In December 2016 the Commission established an application process for new TNC licenses under Act 164 of 2016, which created the regulatory framework for TNCs to operate in Pennsylvania.
Act 164 was signed into law by Gov. Wolf in November 2016. Prior to that time, TNCs operated in most of Pennsylvania under experimental authority granted by the PUC.
PUC’s Order requires Rasier-PA/Uber to maintain consumer protections, driver integrity and vehicle safety requirements, and insurance requirements set forth in the Public Utility Code or the Commission’s orders and regulations, along with all requirements established by Act 164.
Additionally, to the extent that any autonomous vehicles or vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems and technologies are used, such vehicles shall be and shall remain in continuous compliance with all current and future vehicle safety rules and regulations issued by the Department of Transportation.