January 17, 2017

PA Casino Gaming Revenue Tops $3.2 Billion In 2016 Thanks To Table Games

The PA Gaming Control Board Tuesday reported the gross total gaming revenue combining slot machines and table games exceeded $3.2 billion in calendar year 2016.
While slot machine revenue was slightly down in 2016 from 2015, the Board reported that table games revenue reached a record high this past year. That amount helped propel overall gaming revenue to the highest calendar year figure since legalized casino gaming began in Pennsylvania, $3,213,422,178 or 1.25 percent higher than in 2015.  
It also marked the sixth straight calendar year in which the total casino revenue figure topped $3 billion.
After 10 full years of legalized casino gaming in Pennsylvania, total gross gaming revenue generated since the first casino opened in late 2006 now totals nearly $26 billion.
Tax revenue in 2016 from the combined play of slot machines and table games was $1,387,831,349. Revenue returned to Pennsylvania in the form of taxes and license fees since the first casino opening is approximately $13.3 billion.
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