August 4, 2016

Thursday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

A new Franklin & Marshall Poll released Thursday has Clinton leading Trump 49 percent to 38 percent among likely voters. More registered Democrats support Clinton (78 percent) compared to registered Republicans who support Trump (69 percent).
Trump leads among those in the lowest income and education groups, those living in rural counties, self- described conservatives, and men.
Trump holds a sizable advantage among whites with a high school degree or less (53 percent  to 31 percent), but Secretary Clinton has a similar advantage among college-educated whites (58 percent to 28 percent).
Trump also has an advantage among white men (45 percent to 35 percent), but his advantage is dwarfed by Secretary Clinton’s lead among white women (57 percent to 29 percent).
That same Franklin & Marshall Poll has McGinty leading Toomey 39 to 38 percent among likely voters and 38 to 30 percent among registered voters.
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