August 19, 2016

Secretary Of Health Provides Update On PA’s Medical Marijuana Program

Secretary of Health Karen Murphy Thursday provided an updated on Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program for Pennsylvanians with serious medical conditions—
-- Draft, Temporary Regulation Comments: DOH has finished drafting the temporary regulations for growers and processors and will have them available for review and feedback until August 26.
These temporary regulations provide details on the information and operational requirements for a grower/processor permit application. Want to weigh in?  Click Here to give them your thoughts.
-- New Survey For Patients, Caregivers: A survey was also released today on the department’s website seeking input from the patient and caregiver community. The department will use the information from this survey to help draft the temporary regulations for patients and caregivers, which is expected to be published by the end of 2016. Click Here to complete the survey.
-- 53 Safe Harbor Letters Approved: The department has approved 53 Safe Harbor Letters to date and are processing 10 more applications. These letters enable parents, legal guardians, caregivers and spouses of minors under the age of 18 who have been certified as having serious medical conditions to possess medical marijuana in approved form to administer to their minor within the commonwealth. Click Here for Safe Harbor Letter applications.
“Providing the public, our partners and stakeholders with the opportunity to review the draft temporary regulations and provide feedback before they are published is very important to us and ensures that we are being transparent throughout the process. I encourage all interested individuals to provide feedback to help us create a high quality, efficient, and compliant medical marijuana program for Pennsylvania residents with serious medical conditions,” said Murphy.
For more information, visit the Department of Health’s PA Medical Marijuana Program webpage.
PA Wants Medical Marijuana Input