August 9, 2016

New Quinnipiac Poll Shows Clinton 52%, Trump 42% In PA, Confirms F&M Poll Last Week

A new Quinnipiac Poll released Tuesday shows Clinton leading Trump 52 to 42 percent in Pennsylvania among likely voters.
With the complete slate of candidates on the Presidential ballot Clinton leads Trump 48 to 39 percent, followed by Libertarian Gary Johnson at 7 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 3 percent.  Don’t nos are at 3 percent.
A Franklin & Marshall Poll released last August 4 has Clinton leading Trump 49 percent to 38 percent among likely voters.
"Let's face it: Pennsylvania likely voters are not exactly enthralled with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. "Trump, who portrays himself as a job creator, is suddenly paddling upstream in a state that needs jobs. That has to be a red flag.
"There also is a gender gap as Clinton wins by 23 points among women, while Trump wins by 5 points among men."
Keystone State women back Clinton 59 - 36 percent, while men back Trump 49 - 44 percent. Republicans back Trump 83 - 14 percent, while Clinton leads 92 - 5 percent among Democrats.
Independent voters are divided with 48 percent for Clinton and 44 percent for Trump.
White voters are divided with 49 percent for Trump and 46 percent for Clinton. Non-white voters go to Clinton 81 - 8 percent.
Pennsylvania voters give Clinton and Trump negative favorability ratings, 44 - 51 percent for her and 36 - 57 percent for him.
Michelle Obama has higher favorability ratings in Pennsylvania-- 51 percent-- than either her husband-- 44 percent--Bill Clinton-- 34 percent or Melania Trump-- 17 percent.