August 30, 2016

Bruce Beemer Sworn In As Attorney General After Unanimous Senate Confirmation

Bruce Beemer Tuesday was sworn in as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General by Chief Justice Thomas Saylor literally minutes after the Senate unanimously confirmed his nomination by Gov. Wolf.
Beemer, former PA Inspector General and First Deputy Attorney General, takes over from Bruce Castor who held the office only 14 days after the conviction and resignation of Kathleen Kane.
“Bruce Beemer has the unique experience and skillset as a prosecutor, lawyer and administrator to begin the healing necessary to put the Attorney General’s office back on track,” said Gov. Wolf. “He is trusted by the rank-and-file members of the office and understands better than anyone what must be fixed to restore the public trust. I thank the Senate for their swift confirmation and vote of confidence in Bruce and I look forward to his continued public service to the people of Pennsylvania as Attorney General.”
Click Here to listen to Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre) comment on the Beemer nomination on the Senate Floor.
Porn Email Report
Two Senators Tuesday expressed concern about the fate of the porn email report being prepared by Douglas Gansler and his Maryland law firm.
In remarks on the Senate floor before the vote on Beemer, Sen. Judith Schwank (D-Berks) said the final version of the report should be released to the public saying it was the only way the state can begin the process of “healing” the Judiciary.
On a similar vane, Sen. Anthony Williams (D-Philadelphia) wrote a letter to his colleagues saying—
“Today marks a significant moment in PA's judicial restoration. While all would agree that a stain upon the integrity of the attorney general's office has been removed, the manner in which we as a Commonwealth move forward is equally as important.
“While I understand there has been a decision to move to confirm a nominee immediately, I am very concerned about the process and the resultant nominee. The events that surrounded the removal of the previous A.G. go directly to whether the public can trust that justice is blind, balanced and fair in Pennsylvania. The revelation of bigoted, racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails, exchanged amongst Pennsylvania's members on the bench, down through the ranks of those that have the privilege to protect and serve our communities, has rocked the trust that basic, working class Pennsylvanians have in our judicial system. In particular, for people of color, women, and those fighting for their sexual orientation.
“I don't know Mr. Beemer, and I look forward to our meeting to discuss his views on the operation of the A.G's office, but in the meantime we are moving to confirm him without the normal question/answer hearings. Especially confirming a person whose name has consistently come up in the middle of the investigation of the emails and allegations of cover up. Let me state that I don't know if any of these allegations are true; that is why the confirmation hearings are needed for public confidence!
“I am not suggesting, nor asking, for the current process to stop, nor am I trying to influence anyone's vote. What I am saying is, as we watch events unfold across this country, these dots are connected. The great experiment of democracy is steeped in the belief that we are a country of laws, and we CHOOSE to respect them, because we trust those that are responsible for the execution of those laws. This expedited process of confirmation, and the parties involved, draw serious questions from those on the outside, looking in.
“I will not participate today, not as a protest, but simply because I have too many questions."
(Photo: From Drew Crompton Twitter Post.)