August 28, 2015 House Democrats Ask Treasury For Payroll Loan reported late Thursday House Democrats wrote to State Treasurer Timothy Reese on August 13 asking for a loan in order to meet payroll and related costs having exhausted its reserve funds as a result of the ongoing budget stalemate. said House Democrats may not be able to meet its payroll for the 568 House staff members on September 15.  The first check the 84 Democratic members of the House would miss would be on October 1.
The State Treasurer has not yet responded to the request.
House Republicans said they have concerns about the legality of the request and would attempt to block the request from the House Bipartisan Management Committee, since staff for the Senate and House are specifically excluded from a law that required regulator state employees to be paid during a budget impasse. said Senate Republican and Democratic Caucuses have enough reserve funding left to operate through the end of September.
NewsClip: House Democrats Ask Treasury For Payroll Loan