August 27, 2015

F&M Poll: Voters Hold Legislature More Responsible For Budget Stalemate Than Wolf

A new poll released Thursday by Franklin and Marshall found 54 percent of registered voters surveyed held the General Assembly responsible for the current budget stalemate, while 29 percent held Gov. Wolf responsible.
More voters trust Gov. Wolf to make budget decisions-- 42 percent-- than the General Assembly-- 39 percent, although those numbers are closer than what you might expect given who voters think is responsible for the stalemate.
The poll was taken before this week’s failed attempt by House Republicans to override parts of Gov. Wolf’s budget veto.
Gov. Wolf’s own job performance rating remained mostly unchanged since June at 39 percent, 61 percent among Democrats.  This is lower than the 45 percent found in the Quinnipiac Poll earlier.
Wolf’s rating in similar to Governors Rendell and Corbett at this point in his term by the same poll, but lower than Gov. Ridge.
Attorney General Kane
46 percent of those polled believe indicted Attorney General Kane should resign, slightly lower than the Quinnipiac Poll earlier in the week, and of those 52 percent feel the General Assembly should begin the impeachment process.
U.S. Senate Race
The F&M poll also found U.S. Senator Toomey leading both Kate McGinty (35 to 28 percent) and Joe Sestak (41 to 29 percent) in the 2016 U.S. Senate race.
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