August 12, 2015

Kane Again Refuses To Resign, Calls For Release Of All Sandusky Investigation Emails

Indicted Attorney General Kathleen Kane told a news conference Wednesday said she was innocent of any wrongdoing and said her defense would be that she broke no laws of the Commonwealth.
Kane said the charges against her were the result of prosecutors and judges passing pronographic emails among themselves during the time Tom Corbett was Attorney General and uncovered as a result of her investigation of the Sandusky child abuse investigation.
The charges, Kane said, were an attempt to coverup the pornographic emails they circulated.   She said Judge William Carpenter continues to block release of all the pornographic emails which covers up their involvement in that email chain.
Kane called on Judge Carpenter to release all pornographic and racially offensive emails now being blocked by his action.
Kane again refused to resign saying she continues to do her job and Pennsylvania is “safer now that it has ever been.”  She said if more people did their job, Pennsylvania would have a state budget.
She addressed her two sons through the press conference saying she was not able to talk to them in person and told them she intends to finish her job.
She took no questions from reporters, which has been part of her mode of operation as a candidate and as Attorney General.
She did not directly address any of the perjury or other charges against her.
Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli issued this statement in response to Kane’s press conference, “There was no point to this press conference. Nothing new. Quite frankly, even if all these people in OAG circulated such emails, I fail to see how this is relevant to the allegations that she lied in the grand jury, asked her employee to improperly access protected material, and leaked the Mondeshire grand jury material to the press. There is a huge disconnect there.”
Kane Declares Innocence, Vows To Fight