December 9, 2016

State Tax On Gasoline Going Up 8 Cents/Gallon, Diesel 10.7 Cents/Gallon January 1

The Department of Revenue published notice of mandated increases in the state tax on gasoline and diesel fuel under the Oil Company Franchise Tax in the December 10 PA Bulletin.  The changes will be--
-- Gasoline from 50.3 cents per gallon to 58.2 cents per gallon
-- Diesel Fuel from 64 cents per gallon to 74.7 cents per gallon
-- Aviation Gasoline will remain the same at 55 cents per gallon
-- Jet Fuel will remain the same at 1.6 cents per gallon
The Oil Company Franchise Tax imposes taxes on vehicle fuels at the wholesale level.  Competition and market conditions will determine how much of these increases will be passed on to the consumer.
The tax rate changes were mandated in Act 89 of 2013 enacting a highway and transportation funding program.