December 2, 2016

AP: Trump’s Lead In Pennsylvania Shrinks By 22,000 Votes, Philadelphia Isn’t Done

The Associated Press reported Friday President-elect Donald Trump’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania shrank 22,000 votes-- from just over 71,000 to 49,000 or a 0.08 percent lead.  That’s just shy of the 0.05 percent automatic statewide recount trigger.
Trump's lead in Pennsylvania dropped as counties wrapped up the counting of overseas ballots and settled provisional ballot challenges.
Some counties are also fielding precinct recount requests, and final counts are outstanding in some places, including Philadelphia.
On Monday, December 5 Commonwealth Court will hold a hearing on Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s request for a formal recount.  The request is being challenged by the PA Republican Party and Trump.
Visit the official Pennsylvania Election Results webpage to watch the changes in vote count.
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