June 13, 2016

Senate Committee Hearing On Child Abuse Bill Features Kane, Castor Disagreement

The Senate Judiciary Committee Monday held a hearing on House Bill 1947 (Marsico-R- Dauphin) that would, among other changes, eliminate the statute of limitations on filing child abuse lawsuits.
The hearing featured a brief appearance of indicted Attorney General Kathleen Kane supporting the legislation and her own Solicitor General Bruce Castor who called the provision eliminating the statute of limitations unconstitutional.
“Child sex abuse is a crime that is horrible and indefensible,” Sen. Stewart Greenleaf (R-Montgomery), Majority Chair of The Committee, said. “Today’s hearing was a critical step in moving forward with the Senate’s consideration of House Bill 1947. The bill discussed today is highly complex. The testimony provided us with important information on the constitutionality and lawfulness of the provisions in the bill, especially those dealing with applying portions of the law retroactively. It’s important that we have time to digest the information and carefully weigh all of the testimony we received before voting on the bill.”
Click Here to watch the hearing live and for copies of written comments.  A House Fiscal Note and summary is available for the bill.
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