June 21, 2016

New Poll: Pennsylvania Too Close To Call, Clinton 42%, Trump 41%

A new Quinnipiac Poll released Tuesday has Clinton and Trump in a dead heat-- 42 to 41 percent-- with high negatives for both candidates-- Clinton 56 percent unfavorable and Trump 60 percent unfavorable.
Trump would be better creating jobs, Pennsylvania voters say 52 - 39 percent. Clinton would be better on immigration, voters say 51 - 44 percent. Trump would be more effective against ISIS, voters say 51 - 42 percent, but Clinton would be better responding to an international crisis, voters say 54 - 38 percent.
By 52 - 36 percent, Pennsylvania voters would rather invite Trump to their barbecue, but 45 percent would turn to Clinton in a personal crisis and 44 percent would turn to Trump.
"In the Clinton-Trump acid test, Pennsylvania voters say Hillary Clinton is smarter, more morally grounded and better equipped to handle the 'what ifs,' the use of nuclear weapons and the management of an international crisis," said Tim Malloy, assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. "Sure Trump would be more fun at a barbecue and might crush ISIS more efficiently, but given it's a tossup on leadership, in the broad overview, Trump comes up short."
The gender gap remains largely unchanged in Pennsylvania, where Clinton leads 50 - 34 percent among women, while Trump leads 50 - 33 percent among men. He leads 78 - 7 percent among Republicans and 42 - 34 percent among independent voters. Clinton takes Democrats 82 - 7 percent.
White voters go Republican 47 - 38 percent, while non-white voters go Democratic 66 - 15 percent.