March 15, 2016

Updated: PA Supreme Court Justice Eakin Resigns

PA Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin Tuesday resigned from the Court months after being charged with judicial ethical lapses for his involvement in a pornographic email scandal, according to media reports.
Gov. Wolf released this statement on the resignation of Justice Eakin: “The continued abuse of the public trust is simply unacceptable. Today is another reminder of why we must all work with urgency to restore the public’s trust in their government as well as the integrity of the judicial system.
“As the Pennsylvania Constitution explicitly states, this vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of the governor. I will nominate an individual in due time, and I look forward to the Senate providing advice and consent regarding my nomination.”
         Eakin is the second PA Supreme Court justice to resign.  Justice Seamus McCaffery resigned from the Court on October 27, 2014.
Thompson: Suspended PA Supreme Court Justice Eakin Resigns