March 29, 2016

Kane Appoints Former Montgomery County DA To New Position Of Solicitor General

Indicted Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane Tuesday announced she has hired former Montgomery County DA Bruce L. Castor to a new position of Solicitor General within her office.
The new position of Solicitor General, she said, was added to strengthen and support the leadership of the Executive Office and further the initiatives of the Attorney General on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania.
Kane noted various Attorneys General across the nation employ a Solicitor General to serve as a check and balance and assist in facilitating the mission of the Office of Attorney General.
Pursuant to the Commonwealth Attorneys' Act of 1978, the Attorney General has the authority to create positions in order to carry out the duties of the OAG in the best interest of the Commonwealth.
Mr. Castor is a graduate of the Washington and Lee School of Law and previously served as Montgomery County District Attorney and Montgomery County Commissioner.
Kane is being tried on charges of corruption in Montgomery County.
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