March 9, 2016

New Harper Poll Has Wolf Steady, Toomey, Sestak, Clinton Leading

A new Harper Poll released Wednesday didn’t have much in the way of surprising results, but it does show some gaps closing.  Here’s a quick summary--
-- Wolf Still At 49 Percent: Gov. Wolf’s favorability rating at 49 percent for the third consecutive month, but his unfavorables are up to 47 percent.  Historically, the Harper Poll has rated the Governor higher than other polls.  The Franklin & Marshall Poll released the last week in February had Wolf with a 31 percent approval rating.
-- Sestak Still Leading Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates: Joe Sestak is still leading Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate in the latest Harper Poll with Katie McGinty beginning to fade-- Sestak 33 percent, McGinty 17 percent (down from 28 percent in January) and Fetterman 15 percent, but 32 percent are undecided.
-- Toomey Still Beating Democrats, But Gap Closing: Incumbent U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (R) is still leading his Democratic challengers in the March 1 Harper Poll, but the gap is getting smaller.  Joe Sestak does best against Toomey-- 47 to 41 percent, followed by Katie McGinty-- 47 to 39 percent and John Fetterman-- 48 to 23 percent.
-- Clinton Beats Everyone: The same March 1 Harper Poll found Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 45 to 40 percent with 15 percent undecided.  Neither Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio do any better against Clinton.