January 25, 2016

OVA: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Could Release 400+ PA Juveniles Serving Life For Murder

The PA Office of Victim Advocate issued a statement in response to Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Miller vs. Alabama saying--
“The Supreme Court just ruled that Miller vs Alabama is retroactive. This means that the 400+ juvenile offenders convicted of murder and currently serving life sentences in PA could now be eligible and considered for parole and potential release from incarceration.
“OVA has been continuously updating our affected victims, who include families and loved ones of those murdered in PA. We are currently working hard to inform and empower our victims about today's ruling and will ensure their voices are heard during any possible parole considerations that may result from today's decision.”
Click Here for a summary graphic by OVA showing the results of its survey of victims families on juvenile lifers. 
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