January 15, 2016

Gov. Wolf Reviews Accomplishments During 1st Year In Office

Gov. Wolf released a list of his major accomplishments during his first year in office Friday along with a special webpage called Results.  Among the accomplishments he put on his list for 2015 were--
-- Expanding Medicaid For 500,000 Pennsylvanians;
-- Launching Online Voter Registration;
-- Ending The Capital Stock & Foreign Franchise Tax;
-- Combating Pennsylvania’s Heroin Crisis;
-- Gift Ban For State Officials and Employees;
The environmental accomplishments Gov. Wolf listed were--
-- Reinstituting the moratorium on additional leasing of state park and forest land for drilling
-- Announcing 140 Small Business Advantage Grants in May of last year.
For more information, visit Gov. Wolf’s 2015 List Of Accomplishments and Results webpage.