January 15, 2016

Gov. Wolf, Senate Republicans Outline Some Of Their 2016 Priorities

PA Legislative Services is in the middle of a series of articles outlining the 2016 budget and non-budget priorities of Gov. Wolf and each of the four legislative caucuses.  Here’s a quick summary of the priorities the Governor and Senate Republicans identified so far--
Gov. Wolf
-- Minimum wage increase to $10.10
-- Broadening anti-discrimination law
-- Legalizing medical marijuana
-- Increasing education funding
-- Natural gas severance tax to fund education
-- Making state government more efficient
-- Workforce development initiatives
Senate Republicans
-- Public pension reform
-- Alcohol sales reform
-- Dollar-for-dollar Property tax relief
-- More transparency in state union negotiations
-- Legalizing medical marijuana
-- Job creation and economic development initiatives
-- Making state government more efficient
2016 Priorities: Senate Republican Caucus