January 15, 2016

2015 Record Year For Gaming Revenue

Record table games revenue in 2015 helped propel overall gaming revenue this past year to the highest annual figure since legalized casino gaming began in Pennsylvania, according to the Gaming Control Board.
Gross revenue of $808,135,353 from the play of table games at Pennsylvania's 12 casinos in 2015 was nearly 8 percent higher than revenue in 2014.
Combined with previously reported annual slot machine revenue figures, the $3,173,787,012 total revenue produced from casino gaming in 2015 was 3.41 percent higher than in 2014.
The 2015 figure also edged out 2012 as the highest gaming revenue year in Pennsylvania to date and marks the fifth straight year in which the total casino revenue figure topped $3 billion. Total gaming revenue generated since the first casino opened in Pennsylvania now totals over $22.6 billion through the end of 2015.
Tax revenue in 2015 from the combined play of slot machines and table games was $1,379,226,502. Revenue returned to Pennsylvania in the form of taxes and license fees since the first casino opening now stands at approximately $11.8 billion dollars.
"The casino gaming market remains strong in Pennsylvania," Gaming Control Board Chairman David M. Barasch said. "This is good news for state residents who once again saw a return of nearly $1.4 billion in tax revenue that is used by the Commonwealth and communities statewide for a myriad of projects, and to all homeowners for a reduction in their school property taxes."
A more complete report is available online.