November 16, 2015

Kane Considers Appointing Special Prosecutor Related To Porn Emails

Indicted Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane Monday released the following statement regarding State Sen. Anthony Williams' (D-Philadelphia) remarks:
"Sen. Williams'  statements highlight the same issues I've talked about since late summer and early fall. It is not only the racist, pornographic and misogynistic content of the emails that have been circulated, but, even more troublesome, the network of powerful people amongst whom they were exchanged.
"We need a justice system that ensures all citizens can walk into a courtroom and expect to receive a fair and judicious hearing.
"I have contemplated appointing a special prosecutor and Sen. Williams’ call to action affirms my position. I will continue exploring this course of action."
Sen. Williams also called for PA Judicial Conduct Board Chief Counsel Robert Graci and PA Supreme Court Special Counsel Robert Byer because they concluded the message did not warrant action to be taken against Justice Eakin.
Sen. Williams Calls For Justice Eakin’s Resignation