November 3, 2015

Democrats Sweep PA Supreme, Superior, Commonwealth Court Races

At 11:00 p.m., the Associated Press called the race for the three open seats on the PA Supreme Court a sweep for the Democrats bringing the state’s high court under a Democratic majority for the first time in at least a decade.
Democrats also took the two seats before voters on Superior Court and Commonwealth Court.
The Democratic wins for PA Supreme Court now creates two vacancies at Superior Court.
With just over 99 percent of the vote reported by the Department of State, here’s how the results stand--
Supreme Court
David Wecht (D) - 18.3 percent
Kevin Dougherty (D) - 18.5 percent
Christine Donohue (D) - 18.1 percent
Judith Olson (R) - 15.2 percent
Michael George (R) - 13.6 percent
Anne Covey (R) - 13.6 percent
Paul Panepinto (IJA) - 2.4 percent
Current members of the Court include 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats with two vacancies: Chief Justice Thomas Saylor (R),  J. Michael Eakin (R), Max Baer (D), Debra McCloskey Todd (D) and Correale Stevens (D).
Superior Court
Alice Dubow (D) - 53.1 percent
Emil Giordano (R) - 46.8 percent
Current members of the Court include 9 Republicans and 5 Democrats as Commissioned Judges.  David Wecht (D) and Christine Donohue (D) are now on the Superior Court, but won their election to the Supreme Court, so there will be two vacancies on the Superior Court.  Judith Olson (R) now on Superior Court, lost her run for PA Supreme Court, but will continue to serve until a retention election in 2019.
Commonwealth Court
Michael Wojcik (D) - 52.8 percent
Paul Lalley (R) - 47.1 percent
Current members of the Court include 7 Republicans and 2 Democrats.  Anne Covey (R), now on Commonwealth Court, lost for Supreme Court, but retains her seat until a retention election in 2021.
For detailed statewide election results, visit the Department of State Statewide Election Results webpage.
Wojcik Defeats Lalley For Commonwealth Court Seat