November 9, 2015

First Hearing Of Senate Committee On Attorney General Kane Features 3 County District Attorneys

The first hearing of the Senate Special Committee on Senate Address dealing with indicted Attorney General Kane Monday featured testimony by county district attorneys from Berks, Bucks and Somerset counties.
Under questioning from Committee members, each of the district attorneys said they could not imagine doing their jobs with a suspended law licenses because being a licensed attorney and using legal judgement is a fundamental part of the job.
Former judge and state Senator David Heckler (R), now DA for Bucks County, said he believes there is a very real problem with a non-attorney supervising the work of other attorneys in the Attorney General’s Office based on previous PA Supreme Court cases involving the supervision of lawyers.
Somerset District Attorney Lisa Lazzari-Strasiser (D) said she had a significant concern about a state official reading memos or other communications about court cases or pending actions since if that person is not a licensed law enforcement attorney.
John Adams (D), Berks County District Attorney, said he is a very hands-on prosecutor dealing with police officers, other attorneys and the courts day in and day out and found it hard to imagine doing that job without being a licensed attorney.
Sen. John Gordner (R-Columbia), Chair of the bipartisan Committee, said a second Committee hearing would be scheduled for next week.
Sen. Gordner also told reporters after the hearing indicted Attorney General Kane was successfully served with a Committee subpoena Friday night to produce documents that she has until this coming Friday to respond to.
He said if she does not comply, the Committee will likely seek a mandamus action to compel her cooperation.
The Committee is due to report to the Senate on November 25 on whether indicted Attorney General Kathleen Kane is able to service in her position under a suspended law license.
For more information, visit the Senate Special Committee on Senate Address website.