April 6, 2017

PUC Approves $3.5 Million Settlement With Uber For Operating Illegally

The Public Utility Commission Thursday approved a $3.5 million settlement with Uber Technologies Inc. and its Pennsylvania subsidiaries (collectively, Uber), resolving Uber’s appeals from Commission orders imposing penalties for operating in 2014 without proper authority.
The Commission voted 4-1 to approve the settlement, which calls for Uber to pay the $3.5 million civil penalty within 45 days. The monies will be deposited in the Pennsylvania General Fund and are not used to support PUC operations.
This action resolves a complaint brought by the Commission’s independent Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement against Uber, for initially providing service in Pennsylvania without PUC authority. The settlement represents a substantial civil penalty, as a deterrent to other unauthorized motor carrier services.
Since the time of the violations, the Commission has licensed Uber to operate as a Transportation Network Company (TNC). As a licensed provider, Uber has shown a commitment to providing a desired service to the public and has complied with necessary safeguards for that service, such as vehicle safety, driver integrity, adequate insurance coverage, and licensing requirements.
The action also resolves issues surrounding Uber’s initial unlicensed entry into the Pennsylvania transportation market, and underscores the PUC’s focus on public safety as the number one priority with regard to entities operating in Pennsylvania.
A copy of the settlement is available online.
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