February 7, 2017

Senate Approves Bill Punishing Cities Adopting Sanctuary Policies

The Senate Tuesday voted 37-12 to advance legislation that supports enforcement of federal laws requiring municipalities to report illegal immigrants who pose a danger to Pennsylvania communities and residents.
Senate Bill 10 (Reschenthaler-R-Allegheny) requires cities and counties to honor detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement for those who are arrested by local authorities.
“Failing to fulfill a federal detention and deportation requests only jeopardizes the safety of citizens legally residing in these communities,” Sen. Corman said. “This bill adds penalties for those who fail to honor detainer requests from ICE when someone has been arrested by law enforcement.”
Under the bill, municipalities that do not enforce federal immigration policy would not be eligible for state grants for law enforcement purposes and could be sued for negligence for releasing an individual with a detainer who subsequently committed another crime.
Senate Bill 10 now goes to the House for consideration.