February 23, 2017

F&M Poll: PA Voters Think State, Nation Headed In Wrong Direction, Strongly Support Minimum Wage Hike

A new Franklin & Marshall Poll released Thursday finds 52 percent of Pennsylvania registered voters believe the state and 66 percent believe the country is on the wrong track.  24 percent said government and politicians are the most important problems facing the state and the nation, but that is down from 45 percent in March, 2016.
Approval ratings for Gov. Wolf stand at 38 percent (better than a year ago, but not as good as Gov. Ridge who had the highest approval rating of any recent Governor and slightly better than Gov. Rendell), Senator Casey 37 percent and President Trump 32 percent.  
51 percent are confident in President Trump’s ability to improve the economy.  32 percent believe the media treats Trump unfairly and 32 percent believe it treats him fairly.
Those polled gave Trump a 4.5 on a 10 point scale for honesty.
-- Minimum Wage: 61 percent favor Gov. Wolf’s proposal to raise the minimum wage.
-- Obamacare: 49 percent believe it made health care system better, 41 percent said worse
A copy of the results is available online.
Poll: Trump Trusted By PA Voters To Improve Economy Amid Growing Divide