September 9, 2016

3 New Polls Show U.S. Senate Race Tied, McGinty Ahead Or Just Behind

New polls in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race this week show either Katie McGinty in a tie with incumbent Pat Toomey, just behind or ahead of him by the poll’s margin of error.
A Quinnipiac University Poll released Friday had Toomey at 46 percent and McGinty at 45.
A CBS PA Poll last Sunday had McGinty and Toomey tied at 39 percent.
A Public Policy Polling survey Wednesday had McGinty at 44 percent and Toomey at 41 percent.
Three polls released last week also showed mixed results with McGinty leading Toomey by 5 percentage points while another poll had Toomey leading McGinty by 5 points.
Quinnipiac University: Toomey 46%, McGinty 45%