May 3, 2016

PUC Imposes Record Fine, But Uber Is Still Illegal In Philadelphia

The Public Utility Commission finalized a record $11,364,736 in penalties against Uber on April 21, but the service is still illegal in Philadelphia.
PUC Fines Uber $11.4 Million, Uber Will Appeal
The PUC penalized Uber for operating illegally from February 2014 to August 2014, failing to respond to discovery requests and other charges contained in a compliant filed by the PUC’s Bureau of Investigation.
Uber said it would appeal the penalty, even though it was clearly operating illegally.
While this penalty resolves concerns that the PUC has about Uber operating illegally in the rest of Pennsylvania, the PUC does not have jurisdiction over the service in Philadelphia.  Only the Philadelphia Parking Authority can regulate these services in Philadelphia.
A new state law is needed to regulate Uber/Lyft in Philadelphia, providing the same protections taxi customers receive under the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
Existing taxi services can successfully compete with Uber and Lyft, but only on a level playing field.   Right now the system is stacked against them as a result of state laws that are inadequate to regulate these new services.
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