May 2, 2016

Do You REALLY Know Who’s Driving You With Uber/Lyft?

Because Uber/Lyft services are operating illegally in Philadelphia, they do not submit their drivers for independent criminal background checks with fingerprints to the Philadelphia Parking Authority.  And, they don’t pay the costs of those checks like taxi owners do.
These news clips give you an idea of just some of the criminal incidents Uber drivers have committed in the Philadelphia area and other places--
Other cities are requiring Uber/Lyft services to have driver criminal background checks, but Uber and Lyft are specifically resisting efforts by the Los Angeles and Atlanta airports and other areas to require the submission of driver fingerprints as part of those checks.
Uber Resisting Checks Of Drivers At 2 Top U.S. Airports
Taxi owners recommend the General Assembly require Uber/Lyft drivers submit and pay for the same independent background criminal checks by the Philadelphia Parking Authority as taxi drivers do, including fingerprints.  
There is no compelling reason not to, especially when rider safety is at stake.
Taxi owners also recommend Uber/Lyft drivers be required to go through the same training as taxi drivers and each driver be issued a Philadelphia Parking Authority ID.
Existing taxi services can successfully compete with Uber and Lyft, but only on a level playing field.   Right now the system is stacked against them as a result of state laws that are inadequate to regulate these new services.
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