May 3, 2016

Don’t Leave Disabled Riders Behind

Disabled riders get left behind by Uber/Lyft services because these services operate illegally and do not have to comply with handicapped accessibility standards adopted by the Philadelphia Parking Authority and required by law.  Uber and Lyft also charge disabled riders more for wheelchair accessible service.
In California and other states, Uber and Lyft are being sued for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act for instances where their drivers refused service to disabled riders or riders with service animals.
For Uber, Lyft Riders With Disabilities, Discrimination Often Comes Included
Taxi owners are proud to offer ride services to disabled customers by complying with the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s requirement that 10 percent of taxi fleets be wheelchair accessible by 2021.
Taxi owners do not leave disabled customers behind, including those with service animals, because many times they are in need of ride services the most.  
Uber/Lyft services should be required to have 10 percent of their vehicles wheelchair accessible, charge disabled riders the same fares as everyone else, to have vehicles meet standards set by the Philadelphia Parking Authority and to be regularly inspected by the Authority, just like taxis.
The safety of riders should not be left to the whim of Uber/Lyft drivers.
Complying with the accessibility requirement imposes more costs on taxis because wheelchair accessible vehicles are more expensive than standard vehicles.  These are costs Uber/Lyft do not have to pay, only taxis.
Existing taxi services can successfully compete with Uber and Lyft, but only on a level playing field.   Right now the system is stacked against them as a result of state laws that are inadequate to regulate these new services.
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Contact: Danielle Friedman, General Counsel