April 14, 2016

Trump Promises To Bring Back Coal, Steel Industries To Pittsburgh And Joe Paterno

At a rally in Pittsburgh Wednesday, Republican candidate for President Donald Trump said he would make Pittsburgh great again and promised to bring back the coal and steel industries, and apparently Joe Paterno, Penn State’s legendary football coach.
To his credit, Trump did say “clean coal.”
Lost in the rhetoric was the fact that Pittsburgh has moved on since the heady days of the mid-20th Century when coal and steel ruled Pittsburgh, then known as the Smokey City where street lights came on during the day.
Now the UPMC health systems is one of Pittsburgh’s largest employers, Google opened a research office in a former factory and Western Pennsylvania is at the center of a world-class natural gas industry.
Pittsburgh has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the United States 26 times and topped the most liveable city list 6 times since 2000.
Trump’s most baffling remark was asking his enthusiastic crowd, “How’s Joe Paterno?  Are we going to bring that back?”
Trump was short on specifics on how he would do any of this, especially on bringing back Joe Paterno, who passed away in 2012.
Sometimes politics is a funny business.
Trump Said What About Joe Paterno?