February 5, 2016

PA Supreme Court Upholds Kane’s Law License Suspension, Senate To Act On Removal

The PA Supreme Court late Friday unanimously denied indicted Attorney General Kathleen’s request to reinstate her law license.
Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) issued a statement say--
“The Special Committee on Senate Address was prudent in their recommendation that the full Senate wait to take action until the Supreme Court reviewed Ms. Kane’s request. The timeliness of the Supreme Court’s action is certainly appreciated, and given the Court’s denial of her request we will now move forward with addressing this matter before the full Senate.
“In the coming days I will be speaking with the Majority and Minority Leaders in the Senate to determine the date on which the full Senate vote on the removal of the Attorney General will take place.
“The Special Committee on Senate Address has done an excellent job providing each member of the Senate with all relevant information and testimony from its hearings and I strongly encourage all members to review the materials prior to a vote.”
A spokesperson for the Attorney General said she was “disappointed but not surprised by the decision.”
A two-thirds vote of the Senate is needed to remove Kane and Gov. Wolf would have to sign the resolution.
A copy of the Court’s order is available online.
High Court Rejects Kane’s Bid To Reverse License Suspension