February 8, 2016

CapWire: House Democrats Back Off Attempted Vote On Agreed-To Budget Framework

Capitolwire.com reported Monday, House Democrats backed off an attempt to add the $30.8 billion “agreed-to” budget framework to the supplemental appropriations bills the House considered on the floor Monday afternoon.
Rep. Joe Markosek (D-Allegheny) had the amendments drafted, but withdrew them when the bill came up for consideration.  He also did not authorize another member to offer the amendment in his place.
House Democrats and Gov. Wolf have maintained the budget framework had enough votes to pass the House, however, they apparently did not want to risk a vote on Monday.
Gov. Wolf said Sunday in a video he will be basing his second year budget proposal on the “agreed-to” budget framework, even though House Majority Leader David Reed (R-Indiana) and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre) have said in no uncertain terms several times that agreement is dead.
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