October 1, 2015

Gaming Board Releases 2014-15 Annual Report

The Gaming Control Board Thursday released its 2014-2015 Annual Report.  In addition to an encapsulation of statewide and per casino gaming revenue generated during the fiscal year, the report also highlights:
-- Breakdowns of slot machine and table game tax revenue for each casino including amounts distributed through the Local Share Fund to counties and municipalities that host a casino;
-- Reports  and pertinent statistical figures from all of the Gaming Control Board's key bureaus;
-- A list of all Board meetings and Executive Sessions held during the fiscal year;
-- Revenue and expenditures during the fiscal year by the Gaming Control Board, along with breakdowns of employment at the agency by bureau and by minority and gender representation; and,
-- A report on the Gaming Control Board's efforts in citizen outreach.
A copy of the report is available online.