October 16, 2015

Court Disciplinary Board Opens Investigation Into Complete Disbarment Of Kane

The Disciplinary Board of the PA Supreme Court has opened an investigation into the complaint filed by Gene Stilp asking for the complete disbarment of indicted Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  Stilp was notified by the Board by letter dated October 13.
Stilp filed this second complaint with the Board asking for complete disbarment on October 5 after Kane was changed with additional charges on October 1, including an additional perjury charge.
Stilp filed his first complaint against Kane on August 11 which was accepted by the Board asking for action on Kane’s law license.
The Disciplinary Board recommended and the PA Supreme Court acted on September 21 to temporarily suspend Kane’s law license.  The suspension becomes effective on October 21.
A copy of Stilp’s second complaint is available online.
Suspension Nearing, Kane Won’t Say How Office Will Respond