February 18, 2015

Online Court Payments Increase By 23 Percent In 2014

More than $77 million in traffic fines and other court-ordered fines, fees, costs and restitution was collected last year through PAePay, Pennsylvania court’s convenient online payment system, Justice J. Michael Eakin today announced.
“This is a 23 percent increase over online collections from the previous year, demonstrating that PAePay continues to be a convenient and expedient method of payment for people paying court-ordered fines, fees, costs and restitution,” said Justice Eakin.
During the past year, one in every $6 collected by Pennsylvania court’s judicial computer system was collected via PAePay. This is a substantial increase in online usage since PAePay’s inception in 2011, when one in every $17 was collected electronically.
“PAePay saves time and money for the public and court staff by creating a unified place for making multiple court payments online using credit or debit cards, while eliminating data entry by court staff,” Justice Eakin said. “Defendants can avoid future court actions such as warrants or contempt of court proceedings, driver’s license suspensions and additional collection agency fees by making timely payments online.”
Providing users with the ability to pay online complements our continuing efforts to improve access to the courts, reduce overhead costs and provide an online payment solution for courts of all sizes without having the burden of implementing and maintaining their own systems.
PAePay is used by courts in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. The money collected by the courts benefits state and local governments and victims.
To make a court payment online, visit the Judiciary’s PAePay webpage.