July 2, 2014

Gov. Corbett: All Options On The Table, Including Vetoing The Budget, To Get Action On Pension Issue

At a 3:00 press conference Wednesday, Gov. Corbett said all options are on the table-- including vetoing the budget passed by the General Assembly in House Bill 2328 (Adolph-R-Delaware)--  to get meaningful action on pension reform by the House and Senate.
He said he was disappointed House members used a procedural maneuver Tuesday to send a pension reform bill-- House Bill 1353-- back to Committee to disguise the fact they can’t stand up to special interests (unions) and vote on pension reform.
Corbett said 164 of the 501 school districts in the state have asked to increase property taxes beyond the annual cap imposed on property tax increases, adding that 99 percent of the requests are driven by pension cost increases.
“Pension reform equals property tax relief” for Pennsylvania residents he said.
He noted again he would be more open to other revenue options, if the General Assembly first acted on pension reform.
Corbett reported his line-by-line review of the state budget continues, but gave no timeframe for when that review would be finished.
He said he is still waiting for the House and Senate to finish work on a Fiscal Code bill- House Bill 278 (Baker-R-Tioga).
NewsClip: Corbett Mulling Veto Of Legislature’s Money To Push Pension Reform