May 6, 2014

Democrats Walk Out Of House Committee Hearing On Attorney General Kane

Rep. Dan McNeill (D-Lehigh) a member of the House State Government Committee, Tuesday issued the following statement in response to the decision he and his Democratic colleagues made to walk out of a committee hearing regarding a resolution that seeks the impeachment of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane:
“When Chairman Daryl Metcalfe, who sponsored the resolution to impeach the attorney general, tried to have a member of the committee removed by security for attempting to speak in opposition to the resolution, we knew the meeting would be a complete sham.
“I joined my fellow Democrats in walking out to protest not only the abuse of power by the chairman, but to show support for the attorney general.
“Our system of government is given a black eye when one man who has differences of opinion with another elected official can call a meeting and try to have that official impeached without any documentation.
“Pennsylvania faces some very difficult issues. The upcoming 2014-15 state budget could have a $1 billion hole, and we should also be working on job creation, raising the minimum wage and Medicaid expansion, not wasting time with one man’s personal vendetta.”