August 2, 2013

Aug. 5 PA Environment Digest Now Available

The Aug. 5 PA Environment Digest is now available.  Click Here to print entire Digest.

Draft Of New, Multi-State Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement Available For Comment

The Chesapeake Bay Program has developed a draft Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, which outlines new goals and outcomes that will guide partners in the protection, restoration and stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay and which is open for public input until August 15.
The Bay Program has used agreements like this one to lead three decades of Bay restoration and protection, from the first Chesapeake Bay Agreement written in 1987 to Chesapeake 2000, which established more than 100 goals to reduce pollution, restore habitats, protect living resources and engage the public in environmental conservation.
The high-level goals and measurable targets found in the latest agreement address water quality, Bay fisheries and habitat, land conservation and public access.
An abridged draft of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement is available online; stakeholder input will be solicited again when a complete draft has been developed. Interested parties can offer input by submitting an online comment or an email to the Bay Program.

Participate In 5 Minute Pennsylvanians And Their Water Survey

Water is worth it! From the water we drink, to the crops we irrigate, and to the lakes we swim in --  Pennsylvania's water supply is vital and worth protecting.
We aim to collect opinions on water issues from a large number of Pennsylvania residents (ages 18+).  This informal survey is intended as a public engagement project and does not necessarily represent a statistical sampling of opinions.
The 5-minute survey can be completed until August 31 and is available online.