August 8, 2017

Senate Committee To Hold Sept. 19 Hearing On Illegal Gaming Devices

Sen. Chuck McIlhinney (R-Bucks), Majority Chair of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, Tuesday announced the Committee will hold a hearing September 19 on illegal gaming devices and expects to hold additional hearings on other issues like liquor control enforcement on Stop-and-Gos in Philadelphia.
Sen. McIlhinney noted recent statements by leaders in the state House regarding the possible legalization of video gaming terminals (VGTs) have made clear that there appears to be an epidemic of illegal VGTs across at least portions of Pennsylvania.  
In fact, a recent op-ed by a House member stated, “…that thousands of illegal VGTs are here in Pennsylvania, right now.  They are being operated out of locations with no regulation, no oversight, and no money back to local and state governments.”
“I guess we should thank the House for bringing this issue to light, though I find it disturbing that members of this legislature may have known about possible illegal gaming machines and done nothing about it,” Sen. McIlhinney said. “We will be holding hearings on the issue of legal gaming machines and, as part of that process, will focus significant energy on addressing and ending this scourge of illegal VGT’s across the Commonwealth.”
The hearing will start at 11:00 am in Senate Hearing Room 1, North Office Building.  Typically, Senate Committee hearings are webcast through the PA Senate Republican website.
“I think it is important that we show the people of Pennsylvania we can address the problem of illegal VGTs before we talk about adding 55,000 new machines into venues across the state,” Sen. McIlhinney continued. “These hearings are an important first step in that process.”
For more information, visit the Senate Law and Justice Committee webpage.
Sen. James Brewster (D-Allegheny) serves as Minority Chair.