August 8, 2017

Gov. Wolf Puts $188.3 Million In Budgetary Reserve

Robert Swift of reported Tuesday Gov. Wolf has put $188.3 million in budgetary reserve, spending Gov. Wolf characterized as  “legislative add-ons” or “discretionary grants” so that a decision could be made later on whether to actually spend the money or not.
Among the items put in reserve are--
Agriculture-- Total: $5.588 million
Corrections-- Total: $1.5 million
DCED-- Total: $28.675 million
DCNR-- Total: $1.125 million
  -- State Park Operations: $500,000
  -- Heritage Parks Grants: $625,000 ($2.25 million remains)
Education-- Total: $56 million
  -- Regional Community College Services: $6.75 million
General Services-- Total: $5 million
-- $5 million in fire protection services for City of Harrisburg
Health-- Total: $11.8 million
Human Services-- Total: $72.176 million
Labor & Industry-- Total: $750,000
DMVA-- Total: $850,000
PEMA-- Total: $400,000
Executive Offices-- Total: $4.485 million
Click Here for the full list of items put in reserve.