April 3, 2015

Greenleaf Bill Would Create Special Business Courts In Pennsylvania

Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf (R-Montgomery) Thursday announced plans to introduce legislation that would create special commerce courts in Pennsylvania.
Headed by judges with backgrounds in business law, the proposed courts would adjudicate efficiently and predictably disputes and issues concerning Pennsylvania business law.
According to the Senator, these specialty courts would help retain and grow existing businesses and help attract more businesses to the Commonwealth.
Encouraging business investment in Pennsylvania and likely spurring the job growth this investment brings, Sen. Greenleaf’s legislation seeks to cement Pennsylvania’s place among states that are hospitable to business and dedicated to economic growth.
“We are losing businesses and the jobs they create to states with specialized business courts,” said Sen. Greenleaf. “Business litigation is often more costly in Pennsylvania, because disputes that require quick resolution are delayed. Many business issues are cost-intensive and time-sensitive, requiring judicial attention and resolution before shareholder meetings or other critical dates. Having a judge available to hear cases on short notice is a great benefit, allowing businesses to move forward with operations. Pennsylvania has an outstanding judicial system, and we should make better use of our resources to resolve business disputes.”
Presiding in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, expert judges would comprise the commerce court and consider disputes between businesses and internal disputes between shareholders and directors.
The senator said, “I believe that commerce courts will help grow our state’s economy, helping Pennsylvania gain a competitive edge in attracting employers. Pennsylvania is already a great place to do business. This measure will further enhance the Commonwealth’s business-friendly environment.”